Galaxy XD2010 (10-16.5) for New Holland, John Deere

Galaxy XD2010 (10-16.5) for New Holland, John Deere

SET of 4 NEW Galaxy XD2010 10-16.5 Skid steer tires mounted on new wheels/rims for New Holland and John Deere.


HEAVY DUTY tires and rims - 30" diameter - 10" overall width - 10 PLY


This is one complete set of 4 tires mounted on yellow rims for New Holland or John Deere.  Ready to put on your machine & go!


For New Holland LX565, LX665, L160, LS160, L170, LS170 & John Deere 6675, 7775, 240, 315, 317 and will also fit many other machines. Available in other rim colors, offsets and lug configurations.


Galaxy XD2010 R-4 Skid Steer Tires Features and Benefits:

The Galaxy XD 2010 R-4 has solid center for long wear on hard urfaces designed for off-road traction manufactured with highly abrasion-resistant tread compound features a rim shield protector and a heavy sidewall designed with a neutral contour, which means that the un-inflated and inflated shapes are virtually identical.  This results in minimum distortion and stresses in the inflated tire increases reliability and tread wear XD 2010 is Original Equipment(OEM) on many machines.

Rim has standard 8" on center bolt circle design with 6" center hole.  The 8 lug rim design fits most skid steers.  Bobcat, Case, CAT, Daawoo, Gehl, John Deere, Mustang, New Holland, Scat Trak & Thomas made most of their machines with an 8 lug rim.  The main difference is the offset does vary between the different manufacturers but most of the rims do interchange.  We can supply tires and rims for almost any skid steer.  If not a stock item it can be custom manufactured.   This set comes mounted standard with two left and two rights so you can put on your machine and having all treads going in the right direction and all the valve stems on the outside. Rims have the valve stem protection shield. 


Heavy duty welded rim...this rim will hold up fine to the additional weight of foam filled tires if that's what you need.  I've had quite tire/rim sets foam filled.   Rims are also available in other colors and lug patterns.  If you have any questions or need any specific size please let me know.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE...I can have these tires foam filled for an additional $600 if needed.  It will add approx 400 pounds total weight to the set of 4.  If you want the tires foam filled it will take a week or so till ready to go.


If you have questions and want to speak with someone about tires please call or email.