Galaxy Muddy Buddy (10-16.5) for Bobcat

Galaxy Muddy Buddy (10-16.5) for Bobcat

SET of 4 NEW 10-16.5 Galaxy Muddy Buddy Deep Tread Skid steer tires.


Mounted on black 8 lug rims.  44/32 in tread depth.


Standard 8 lug wheels with 6" center pilot hole, lug holes 8" on center across- 4" offset from valve stem side.


From manufacturer: The Muddy Buddy’s extra-deep tread, shallow lug angle and sharp shoulders provide better traction on slick or slushy surfaces, and offer more high-durability rubber for longer service life. The lugs’ sharp shoulder angle provides a strong grip on soft and uneven surfaces.  The Muddy Buddy has also been an instant hit in the construction industry, which was eager for a tire that could enhance skid steer performance in muddy conditions and on uneven surfaces.


Approximate unmounted dimensions...29" high - 9" tread width - overall tire width including rim guard 10 1/2" - 67 pounds.


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