Galaxy Beefy Baby III (12-16.5) for Case

Galaxy Beefy Baby III (12-16.5) for Case

SET of 4 BRAND NEW 12-16.5 HEAVY DUTY Galaxy Beefy Baby III Skid steer tires mounted on new rims for Case - also available on other types of rims.


This is one complete set of 4 tires mounted on orange rims for Case.  Ready to put on your machine & go!


These are NEW tires with rim guard, not retreads, seconds or blemishes.  


Rim has standard 8" on center bolt circle design with 6" center hole.  The 8 lug rim design fits most skid steers.   Rims have the valve stem protection shield. 


Wheels have 7 1/2" offset from valve stem side. 


From manufacturer:  Galaxy Beefy Baby III is an advanced new design with 10% higher tread depth than Beefy Baby II design. It has a flatter tread profile. Due to increased overlap, there is an significant increase in the amount of rubber in the center of the tread pattern. There is 15% increase in total wearable rubber. The shallower angle of the lug in the shoulder provides increased traction capability. The terracing in the undertread promotes self-cleaning. The signature galaxy rim shield has been enhanced in the Beefy Baby III design.


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