Galaxy Beefy Baby III (10-16.5) for Bobcat

Galaxy Beefy Baby III (10-16.5) for Bobcat

SET of 4 NEW Galaxy Beefy Baby III 10X16.5 Skid steer tires mounted on wheels for Bobcat.


HEAVY DUTY 10 PLY - Part #112260 - HD tires weigh 58 pounds each. 26/32nd tread depth. 


For Bobcat 742, 743, 751, 753, 763, 773, 7753, S130, S150, S160, S175, S185, S205, S450, S510 & S530.


HD 8 lug wheels with valve stem protector, brass valve stems.  Standard 8 lug wheels with 6" center pilot hole - 8" across on center lug to lug - 4" offset from outside edge of wheel to center disc rims available for many other machines.


From Manufacture: Galaxy Beefy Baby III is an advanced new design with 10% higher tread depth than Beefy Baby II design. It has a flatter tread profile. Due to increased overlap, there is an significant increase in the amount of rubber in the center of the tread pattern. There is 15% increase in total wearable rubber. The shallower angle of the lug in the shoulder provides increased traction capability. The terracing in the undertread promotes self-cleaning. The signature galaxy rim shield has been enhanced in the Beefy Baby III design.


Approximate unmounted dimensions...30" high - 9" tread width - overall tire width including rim guard 10" - 58 pounds.


These are NEW tires with rim guard, not retreads, seconds or blemishes.


Foam filled tires and rims also available.


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