Forerunner SKS-1 (14-17.5) for Bobcat

Forerunner SKS-1 (14-17.5) for Bobcat

SET of 4 NEW 14X17.5 Skid steer tires with 14 ply rating mounted on 8 lug wheels for Bobcat A300, S850, S870.


8500 pound load rating per tire.


Approximate dimensions...35" high - 12" tread width - overall tire width including rim guard 13 5/8."


For Bobcat A300, A770, S750, S770, S850.


Wheels designed to fit Bobcat machines with the larger hub.   9" center pilot hole.  Lug holes are 10.75" across on center.

Custom welded rims are heavy duty 17.5X10.5X8.

Standard tread depth, 21/32" deep in center - 1"+ deep towards the outside. 


Foam filled tires and rims also available.


If you have questions and want to speak with someone about tires please call or email.