Camso SKZ Lifemaster (12-16.5) for Bobcat - Custom Rim

Camso SKZ Lifemaster (12-16.5) for Bobcat - Custom Rim

SET of 4 BRAND NEW 14 PLY 12-16.5 Skid steer tires mounted on new rims.




This is one complete set of 4 tires mounted on orange rims for Bobcat.  Ready to put on your machine & go!


For Bobcat A300, A770, S750, S770, S740.

Custom rim designed to fit Bobcat machines with the larger hub.   9" center pilot hole.  Lug holes are 10.75" across on center.


Please confirm that your machine has the larger hub if you have the S series machine.


Tires are mounted on 16.5 X 9.75 X 8 rims.  Approximate mounted dimensions 12" Wide X 33" Diameter - 6,300 pound load capacity rating per tire - Max PSI 80 pounds.


14 ply Forerunner tires with rim guard for sidewall protection.  Tires with rims weigh approx 135 pounds each.


If you have questions and want to speak with someone about tires please call or email.