Camso SKS 332 (10-16.5) for Bobcat

Camso SKS 332 (10-16.5) for Bobcat

SET of 4 BRAND NEW Camso SKS 332 10-16.5 Skid steer tires mounted on rims for Bobcat


Formerly Solideal Gripper


Reliable performance and quality.  A reliable tire solution that’s made to resist chunking and tearing. With good durability and traction, it’s an ideal choice for light-duty, off-road skid steer loader application.  


For Bobcat 742, 743, 751, 753, 763, 773, 7753, S130, S150, S160, S175, S185, S205, S450, S510 & S530


HD 8 lug wheels with valve stem protector, brass valve stems.


Standard 8 lug wheels with 6" center pilot hole - 8" across on center lug to lug - 4" offset from outside edge of wheel to center disc.


Rims available for many other machines...please inquire if interested.


New tires, not retreads, blems or seconds.


This is a standard duty 10-16.5, not heavy duty.   Decent tire that provides good traction but are not as wear or puncture resistant as a heavy duty tire.  10-16.5 tires that weigh around 44 pounds are standard duty, most heavy duty 10-16.5 tires weigh 50 pounds plus.  We stock up to almost 80 pound tires with R4 tread.


If you have questions and want to speak with someone about tires please call or email.